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All DAART users must belong to a state (called their “primary” state). A state manager must approve all accounts for their state. DAART provides a state for all 54 states and US Territories.It also provides “states” for other organizations that may utilize DAART but are not associated with a state National Guard unit (such as CAP, Civil Air Patrol).

  1. User clicks Register link on DAART web page
  2. User follows a guided process which includes
    1. User will fill in profile information to include selecting a username and password for logging in.
    2. User will acknowledge they have read the AUP
    3. User will choose their primary state/agency
    4. and finally, the user will upload certificates or take training for Cyber Security and IO (Intelligence Oversight) and enter the expiration date for each certificate. All DAART accounts require a current certificate for Cyber Security and IO and must be updated yearly.
  3. DAART sends an email to the Account Manager of the requested state/agency notifying them a user has requested access to their state. The email will contain a link to the User Management Page.
  4. State/Agency Account Manager will be taken to the User Management Page if they are logged into DAART. If they are not logged in they will be taken to the login page and once logged in they will be taken to the User Management Page.
  5. State/Agency Account Manager will see a list of pending account requests on their user management page. The Account Manager will either approve or deny the account request.
  6. DAART will send an email to the user notifying them their request has been approved (or denied, with a reason for the denial) for the state/agency of “state/agency name”.

Important Notes:

If there is an emergency and a user does not have current certificates and, due to the emergency nature of an incident/event, does not have time to take the training on the DAART site, they can request an Immediate account that will be valid for 48 hours. After 48 hours the user will only be able to access their profile page after logging into the site in order to upload current certificates or take the training on the DAART site.

The new registration process allows the user to set the expiration date for their Cyber Awareness training certificate and their Intelligence Oversight (IO) training expiration date. The system will notify the user when their training certificates are about to expire. The user’s account will be automatically locked by the system if their certificates have expired. A user with expired certificates will be allowed to login but will be taken to the Training Certificates page to upload current/valid certificates (or retake the training on the website) and thus be granted access to the DAART events again.