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All DAART users must belong to a state (called their “primary” state). A state manger must approve all accounts for their state. DAART provides a state for all 54 states and US Territories.It also provides “states” for other organizations that may utilize DAART but are not associated with a state National Guard unit (such as CAP, Civil Air Patrol).


1.     User clicks Register link on DAART web page and enters account information

2.     User logs into DAART with new username and password

3.     User is redirected to a page containing 1) an Authorized Use Policy; 2) a link for uploading their Cyber Security Training certificate; and 3) a list of states 

a.     User will read and acknowledge they have read the AUP

b.     Upload their cyber security training certificate

c.     Click the Request button next to the state they belong to (aka their “primary” state)

4.     DAART sends an email to the account manager of the requested state notifying them a user has requested access to their state. The email will contain a link to the user management page.

5.     State Account Manager will be taken to the user management page if they are logged into DAART. If they are not logged in they will be taken to the login page and once logged in they will be taken to the user management page.

6.     State Account Manager will see a list of pending account requests on their user management page. The account manager will download the user’s cyber security training certificate and click Accept if they approve the account.  The account manager can click Deny if they do not approve the account request.

7.     DAART will send an email to the user notifying them their request has been approved for the state of “state name”.



Other DAART account info:


The state account managers DO NOT need 2 DAART accounts. They will either be checked as an account manager or not. Account managers DO need a separate account for the CF-30 and should only log in as admin when creating machine accounts or installing software. They should use their user account when operating the DAART client software on the laptop.